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Friday, 05 November 2010 12:09

Here Is a Reason Why Mortgage Modifications May Be Moving So Slowly, The Servicer Gets the Vig!

From an astute BoomBustBlogger that reads the fine print buried in the middle of a 250 page servicer agreement...


3.12 Realization on defaulted mortgage loans CitiMortgage will use its best efforts, consistent with its customary servicing procedures, to foreclose upon or otherwise comparably convert the ownership of properties securing any mortgage loans that continue in default and as to which no satisfactory arrangements can be made for collection of delinquent payments pursuant to section 3.2. Consistent with the foregoing, CitiMortgage will use reasonable efforts to realize upon defaulted mortgage loans in a manner that will maximize the receipt of principal and interest by the certificate holders, taking into account, among other things, the timing of foreclosure proceedings.

If a deficiency action is available against the mortgagor or any other person, CitiMortgage may proceed for the deficiency. CitiMortgage may retain 25% of the net proceeds received from a mortgagor pursuant to a deficiency action as compensation for proceeding with the deficiency action.

The reader's interpretation was slightly off. The servicer get's to go after the mortgagor in a delinquency action. Please let it be known that this in know way alters the conflicting dynamic that allows for the servicer to push certain mortgagors into foreclosure vs a mod work out. If you are self-employed and judgment proof, you are more likely to get a mod than if you are high income with a steady job with garnishable wages. The profits could very well keep rolling in. Let's engage in some chart porn...


As you can see, economic housing activity is horrible, and getting worse. If you are a bank with a mortgage book or trying to lend, you're in the wrong business. If you can simply service the loans without credit risk AND grab a 1/4 of the foreclosure delinquency action proceeds as the vig, your doing better than most drug dealers. Look at how the foreclosure business is panning out... [this line has been modified to reflect the servicer entitlement to delinquency judgments vs foreclosure proceeds]

[youtube MutLxFck9Ec]

Subscribers have access to all of the data and analysis used to create these charts, in addition to a more granular application, by state in the SCAP template and by region in housing price and charge off templates – see

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Pay Attention to the National Association of Realtors and Their Chief Marketing Agent At Your Own Risk!

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