Monday, 17 March 2008 01:00

BSC calls are almost free and the JP Morgan Deal is not signed in stone

The BSC employess own 1/3 of the shares outstanding, and most of them
have lost at least 98% of thier company stock wealth. Would you approve
the deal if you were an employee or try and shop it around? Just a
question to ponder.

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  • Comment Link naif denali Monday, 17 March 2008 16:52 posted by naif denali

    If I were the staff I would refuse the offer making the company start bankruptcy talks to force the fed to come up with a much better offer to stop the fallout. I find it funny that the people at the top of bear stearns agreed to such a rock bottom deal. I wonder if they knew that if they let the company go into bankruptcy they would have to give back all their 2007 bonuses? OF COURSE THEY DID! I have to admit I may have done the same if I was in the same boat. However I would have never invested in sub-prime (aka fools gold) in the first place.

  • Comment Link alan dutch Monday, 17 March 2008 14:54 posted by alan dutch

    well said! as i just posted over at Accrued Interest:

    if i was that joe lewis guy who just dropped $1bn on bear, i'd be spending another couple of hundred million buying as much bear stock as i could.

    if you can get enough stock to vote against jp taking it over, you are then holding the fed to ransom, if you are prepared to lose your investment. pay $4, demand $30/50/80 a share whatever, and see what you can squeeze out of them. for the fed/jp, it's a choice of spending another few billion or letting BS go bust. you never know...maybe someone could just about pull that off!

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