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From Barrons:

Both Google and Apple, which are more secretive than papal conventions, are assumed to be working on cloud-based systems. Snyder predicts that both will make big announcements in three to nine months regarding cloud-based storage systems for music, video, games and other things, if they can solve the licensing issues. "Android has the potential to take the offensive against iTunes, provided Google can deploy a successful cloud-based system before Apple," Snyder says.

...On top of that, well over a dozen manufacturers make mobile devices using the Android operating system—compared with one, Apple itself, for iPhones. The sheer magnitude of that competition could overwhelm Apple over the long haul.

While the more than 200,000 iPhone apps dwarf the roughly 70,000 apps developed for Android, that could change. Already, there are signs more developers are using Android than iOS, because it requires less software code to write an app. Android also takes fewer months to learn, states a recent report published by MobileVision, a consultancy.

All told, Snyder says, the iPhone eventually will be ripe for the picking. "These two guys are going to be duking it out for a while, but it is just a matter of time," he concludes.