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Okay Phirang. The verdict is in, and in general it appears as if your tone is not welcomed. I could have just kicked you off the board, but that is not the way I want to run things around here. Don't get me wrong. YOU are welcomed, just not your rude and/or unsupported comments. Throw some hard data and associated analysis behind your comments and they will be accepted much more warmly. BTW, let it be know that I actually have my analysts compete with each other and compete with me in terms of ideas and viewpoints to make sure that I don't suffer from the 'hubris' effect. Well, that competition finally delivered a significant disagreement, which I will post in the private discussion forums later tomorrow after the other side of the argument is able to proffer their complete rebutall. Long story short, a prospective short analyzed by oen team came up as a prospective loan analyzed by another team. They are in the process of battling it out now, with me as the referree.

No less than 3 to 4 different heads vet every idea that makes it to the forensic analysis stage. Trust me, the ideas are well throught through and those with opposing viewpoints have the opportunity to shoot the leading idea down.