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that would be great Rumi, but the analysis is where the real value is.


ag is an interesting sector and i have a whole list of ag plays i like, but i ONLY take trades when BOTH the fundamentals AND the technicals are ideal at the same time, the consequence is that i often miss good trades in order to be around for the perfect ones. i'm also happy to sit in huge % cash allocations for as long as it takes.

MON is an interesting way to play water shortages too since ~70% of water used is in agriculture and when water becomes a critical issue ag efficiency will be one of the first places they look. MON valuation is not ideal though, some interesting ag equipment players that focus on irrigation that i like too, but i'm happy to wait till everything is perfect all at once and if that is 5 years or 2 days than i'm ok with that.

it's my personal view that DE and CAT have too much exposure to other sectors that i my research shows will be under pressure for a very long time.

an interesting side notes a buddy of mine who works in the wind energy industry said that DE was involved in selling financing on wind farms to farmers.