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/I like the idea that Reggie posted.....Phirang how about you post your top 5 picks for the next 6-12 months and we can compare results. I may even post mine if that were to occur :-)/

If someone wants to start a thread on one of the boards, I'll add in my two cents (or five long picks, or 5 long/short picks, or whatever). I won't have the time for the next few weeks to post detailed analyses, though the picks are easy enough to do.

Shaunsnoll: /yea, there are some interesting trades in ag too, stock to use ratios are at ridiculous levels./

Sorry about the oil comment--I misremembered your position.
For Ag--POT is one of the few that I'm worried about. MOS looks good, though. I don't remember my conclusions on Monsanto, etc. I was thinking about DE and CAT awhile ago as a play on the entire industry, but I think they're both **way** overvalued (look at their debt loads!!). JMO.