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hmmm... we'll have to disagree on this one. My strategy will be to set an alert for PPD at 50 and if and when that happens I will take a look at it and see if maybe it isn't time. This company can easily ooze along for long enough to ride out some relatively short term Puts, which as you point out, there ain't no Leaps out there. I agree that Netflix marketing strategy is different, and you and I may think it more respectable, but that doesn't mean NFLX doesn't lose more members every year, as a percentage of total membership, than PPD. It's part of doing business. The key that would make the analysis of PPD more compelling would be if the service itself was a scam. e.g. you signed up but then you couldn't get a lawyer consult. But I've seen no evidence that that is the case, have you?