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There seems to be come confusion in these posts about membership v. associates. Yes, few of the Associates make any money. Associate fees are a tiny fraction of the revenue (23M out of 464M). The meat and potatoes is the memberships, which are not designed to be "lucrative." The memberships are simply about giving people legal advice, and there is little here to investigate the quality of the underlying service. Does PPD provide anything of value for the membership fee? It's here the business will make or break. Sure, a bunch of members drop every year. That's what I would expect from small biz owners looking for cheap legal help. But people drop Netflix too, doesn't mean it's a scam. You just have to keep signing 'em up, which so far this co. has been able to do.

Second comment is that this is a dangerous short. 1.5M shares short (per Yahoo) with 100K daily volume can make for the mother of all short squeeze. You could see this one do a Volkswagen. Be careful out there.