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hear that "we expect a recovery in late 2009" yet i never have heard any explanation for this or anything, i feel that people constantly make this same mistake. for instant many people assume that since houses are down huge its "a great time to buy" and that they "must recover" and that once it stabilizes housing prices will rebound. there is no law that just since housing prices are done going down they now must go up! i see the same thing with the end to this recession, every analyst i see out there anticipates a 2H09 recovery, and for what i can see, the only justification is just that are incapable of thinking our current recession could last longer than a year. historically a long, protracted recession like this could easily last longer than that and there have been many stretches of many years where the markets just went sideway. i agree, the imbalances of the past will take longer than a few quarters to work out, and if our gov keeps fu*king this up like they have been, we'll never get out.