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I never said the market will do well, I simply acknowledge that there is a strong chance of a bear market rally, which has actually been in effect since late November. Rising prices over a period of a few months does not mean the market is doing well. As a matter of fact, if we can be assured that these aggressive bear market rallies were only a few months in duration, the short lists are all that more valuable. Anybody who follows my research should have a much longer time horizon than a few months. With today's volatility and wack pricing, it can take that long just to obtain a favorable position.

Trust me, when I feel it is time to start wading into the long waters, I will let all subscribers know. Just be aware that I don't look for bottoms, and it is a strong chance that the next big opportunity will probably not be in the rapid capital appreciation of equities, which will probably wander laterally for quite some time even when they hit bottom.