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As someone who's a visual person, the "cartoons" you posted make it very easy to see how the new [s]scam[/s] sorry... policy will work. The downgrade news comes out today and the market sells off. Wow! It's as if people had no idea Ambac and MBIA were potentially NOT triple A rated. I guess they're not reading this blog either.

I fully realize the economic consequences of the downgrade and I wish the rating agencies would just step up and do what should have been done last year. The sad part, is the people who listen to the talking heads as Gospel, saying the worst is over. These people will get crushed, financially. I'll bet that most people are NOT set up for a massive market decline.

I trade for a living and even my friends don't want to hear the truth. One or two have taken my warnings and they're laughing all the way to the bank. This is in part because Reggie's BoomBust Blog has enabled me to better explain what's happening. It's even better with cartoon pictures!! THANK YOU Reggie!! The information posted on this blog is an easy read for those who don't understand what's going on.

I think it's great people have a place to go where they can read in depth reports on the companies contributing to the horrible economic state we're in. I encourage people to be diligent in their research BEFORE investing. Reggie (please edit if I misquoted you or quoted the wrong person) is correct.... "some blog just to blog." Just because you read something on a blog, it doesn't mean the information is correct. There could be talking heads with a blog, too. What you'll find here, is factual information to make your OWN investment decision. I don't blame Reggie one bit for not making buy or sell recommendations. Too many legal issues! If you read the information here, you'll know what to do. I'm curious if the TV talking heads just recommend a stock because the price is down and the stock's P/E Ratio is low? Hmmm..... sounds like a great way to throw away hard earned money. Remember the tech bubble burst?? According to the talking heads, those tech stocks were buys ALL THE WAY DOWN!

It's tough being short a manipulated market when you know the truth and the "Lying Lemmings" are using a megaphone. Lengthen your timeframe as the manipulation is in FULL FORCE right now. Just listen to the the crap being tossed out. P/Es are low, time to buy! The "Bottom" was set in March! How do they really know? Aren't these the same people who bolstered the "subprime is contained" BS dished out last year? They couldn't make an accurate prediction last year and they can't do it this year either.

We'll all know when it's finally time to buy! The decisions of which company to invest in will be easier since the choices will be less.

Reggie, I still owe you the info I compiled last Friday going against Dick "Hey Cool-Aid" Bove's financial buy recommendations. FYI.... he's getting clobbered!