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"But then you criticize people who.want to profit from renting out properties."

And when did I do that? I don't criticize people who want to rent out properties, I just believe they are not looking at the medium term picture. They can, of course, do as they please. It's their money.

The subleasing idea may be a good one if you craft the lease carefully and the lessor goes for it.

"The reason for the rise in rental income is simply due to the fact that few people want to buy a home in this environment. So they have to rent. Until people begin to buy homes again, there is little why leaseholders should decrease their sublease rates"

That's a reason for firming rents, but there is still a lot of supply on the market and when interest rates risk cap rates will rise with it pushing rental property values down. In order for values to increase, NOI has to rise faster than rates. That is probably not going to happen.