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Hi, you always say that the value of real estate is going down and will keep sliding for years possibly in Americ a because of several factors. Rising yields, unemployment, high commodity and utility costs... sale prices have yet to breakout to the upside when viewing average home sale prices over the last ten years.

But then you criticize people who.want to profit from renting out properties. You suggest strongly that rent prices will decrease. I do not have national data but I believe that while average sale price are declining, average rental prices arid rising . Do you have data that suggests otherwise....

The reason for the rise in rental income is simply due to the fact that few people want to buy a home in this environment. So they have to rent. Until people begin to buy homes again, there is little why leaseholders should decrease their sublease rates.

Herein lies my suggestions or solution. Lease a property and sublease it... people still.need a place to live but refuse to buy a home. There is fundamentally no reason to lower rental fees over the near to long term... ten years of subleasing is good advice now. Do you not agree?

I am personally waiting for average sale prices of residential property to make a new low under the 2009 low. Then I will identify property to sublease.