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You are not only off you are way off. Don't worry I can help. Just like GDP is an anti-concept your use of "real estate" is an anti-concept. A house 40 miles from Timbuktoo is not a hospital in Manhattan. A hospital in Manhattan is not a vacation home in Vale. A vacation home in vale is not a condominium in Lake Las Vegas. A condominium in lake las vegas is not a rental property in Montana but according to you they are all "real estate"

Keep using anti-concepts and you will keep arriving at conclusions that have little value except to make you feel smart.

Or is this the stagflation you are talking about?

And what do you think the people he bought it from are doing with that 100 million? They went and paid top dollar for another home etc etc etc

An anti-concept is an artificial, unnecessary and rationally unusable term designed to replace and obliterate some legitimate concept.