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I tried the Xoom out, it is built like a tank. Very solid, but not very trendy, though. As for the Android equivalent of Apple TV, you have Google TV which is a much, much more capable device. See

Since Android is open, you can simply download FREE apps that allow you to stream content on and off you phone and tablet. See twonky server and twonky mobile. Again, I think Apple's management has run circles around the competition in terms of implementing and execution over the last 6 or 7 years. So much so that I really wonder what the problem was in the other camps. They are squarely outdone in the execution camp here though, primarily due to being a victim of their own success. Google's business model in the proliferate Open source model is striking Apple in a fashion that will be very difficult to defend against while maintaining a high margin business model. Something's got to give.

As for how well Apple hardware runs... Well the video above shows that the iPad still lags significantly behind the $249 Nook. Maybe you should give the competitors a try before you get too comfortable in believing that Apple products perform better than the competition. Make sure you are saying this out of personal experience, and not our of persuasion from Apple marketing.