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I agree with Owen. I am a 20+ years MS/Windows professional, and design datacentre solutions for large customers.
I got an iPod Touch (a gift from a retialstore when buying a bunch of jeans) , a year and a half ago and this had truly opened my eyes. I used to own a Dell Axim X51V, a very capable windows Mobile PDA in its day. I was flabbergasted : browsing that actually works, an App-store that is so rediculously cheap that i actually bought software for the first time in my life and a gorgeous design.

Since that moment I have bought an iPad an apple TV and an airport Express. I hardly ever touch my PC when at home, PC's are old school corporate devices for me now.

Android may be free, it may be open, it may run on better hardware (does that push button in the video clips actually bend the front of the Xoom inward or is that a compression artifact?) but it is just not relevant anymore.

I am completly happy to pay a bit more for devices that work as expected, are beatifully engineerd like a tank. I don't see Android getting to a level of digital live integration that Apple has already achieved (what are the android equivalents of the Airport Express and the Apple TV?).

And regarding the open source : who is worried about apps costing dollars and cents? I mean, Garage Band? Come on, kids are going to buy the iPad just for that App. Who cares that there will be an open source version for free if Apples version costs just 4,99?