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Will spread the word, however my sphere of influence in regards to investing (financial derivatives) is not big.

As for the SEC, I was just trying to input some humor.

I actually ran into your blog when researching data to short Mortgage Insurers. At the time, PMI, etc. were on my mind, but chose to play ABK/MBI. Has worked out quite well even though was late to the party from the $60 level, especially with BRK.A coming into the mix kinda out of the blue. When it got down to $15.80, I had to close those out today plus got scared by talks of them being bought by BRK.A or partnered? Strange to me, why he would do that? Get in, then buy them when I thought the reason he created was to avoid buying them? Still giddy/amazed it went down under $16 intraday. Good thing for limits.

I have BSC in play already (glad you have it on your radar) and am swinging for the fences on this one even though it was slightly out of my "pull the trigger" criteria, but look forward to seeing your analysis of these guys. BSC keeps on raising the bar of amazement or lack of. Funny how Cayne is still Chairman and having the new guy say the "worst may be over". LOL. He must be puffing the la la with Cayne.