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"I know this post is about RIM but i’m talking about your ongoing analysis on the smartphone market. happy to discuss this more.."

Fair enough. When I started this ongoing analysis of the smartphone market, Android was trailing Apple, Nokia, and Blackberry. I made it very clear that they would probably take over in short order. That was the unpopular argument and position at that time. Well, was I right? Android is now growing faster than all of them, and is selling more than all of them was well - after just a few short months. If, or when, I am proven wrong, I will willingly admit it, but I have been right on the money thus far.

Google has blown the estimates out of the water. BoomBustBlog was the only analytical source that I know of that strongly bullish on Google. Google has found a way to pierce the pressure points of the business models of several major competitors and markets, simultanesously at relatively low cost and resource consumption on their part. Their investment is that of a strategic, longer term, private equity nature which does not jive well with the quarter by quarter, show me the money now, Sell Side Wall Street analyst perspective, or the investors that follow them.

Take the time to comprehend their strategy and you will see that there is massive untapped value in Google. Apple's strategy is more transparent - at least at the moment, and so are their earnings.