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"take music for example what is cool? is it pop manufactured by record companies or is the kids who start out in garage jamming?"

Actually cool is often considered what was marketed by big companies and pushed through the radio and iTunes ads. As I said, a machination of corporate marketing machines. I think of cool as the garage band/crew, but by definition that can't be mass marketed. iGadgets can and are mass marketed as cool.

"you go out to a coffee shop or bar where and see the ratio of android to iphones (as well as the PC laptop to Mac book ratio) and Apple will easily outnumber any other device."

Yes, but if you go out to corporations, PCs reign supreme, and that is where the bulk of the money is spent, not coffee shops. Apple is definitely selling more laptops, and at a premium price, though. Its the coffee shop crowd that should scare you. They are, by far, more finicky and volatile than the corporate crowd. Fads change faster than IT dept. mandates.

"Do consumer want the fancy sports car or do that want value? lets be honest most people will go for the sports car. But most people can’t afford the sports car so they buy the closet thing they can, which is exactly what Android is right no"

I hear this argument often, but it doesn't make sense. The high end android phones cost the consumer no less than the brand new iPhone 4, yet they are moving like hot cakes. The reason is because there are quite a few consumers, such as myself, that can see past corporate marketing and shiny packages and peer into the actual capabilities of the device. See and tell me which device is the exotic sports car equivalent and which is the Ford. Shiny glass covers and polished aluminum aside, the iPhone is outclassed - severely - by several Android phones. My Evo, with customizations that are free, runs circles around the iPhone in nearly every category and I actually use it to show many people how capable these minicomputers cum phones can be. about 70% of them (iPhone/Blackberry owners) have switched over to Android just by watching me work on or play with my phone.

"cool, the buzz whatever you want to call it is not created by people who seek ‘value’ it can not be measured in financial analysis (which is why the estimates on apple are always so wrong) or by marketeers, it starts with a small group of people and spreads. people want to be part of it and it spreads and spreads and that is why apple’s numbers are and will keep getting better and better (and can also explain Facebook’s growth and imho ultimate downfall/saturation point)"

But that doesn't explain why Android is outselling Apple in both the US and abroad (where the ATT exclusivity argument doesn't hold and the iPhone is more widely distributed). As of this point, Apple is behind Android in sales and the gap is rapidly widening. We shall see what a few quarters of Verizon availability does for the iPhone, but with the loss of exclusivity on ATT comes the marketing push for the stronger Android products. ATT has always carried the weaker android products, which still managed to sell about 25% of their inventory. ATT is now getting serious, with the Motorola Atrix, which is actualy strong enough to power its own laptop and big screen (with both coming with it as accessories).

Listen, I understand your reasons for thinking Apple products are cool and that's why people buy them at a premium. I actually happen to agree. The fact of the matter is that more people are buying Android, and many people who value flexibility and capability over flash (pun intended) will choose Android unless Apple does a serious about face in its business model, which is highly unlikely, but possible.

"Android is for people who seek value, for tinkerers and those who will always repeal what is seen as cool. Turn the heads of the youngsters who are hanging out in bars, creating art, music and films and you will find you’re apple beater."

Well, photographers are part of the "cool" set. I know two or three who are salivating over the flexibility of the photography options available and the photographic processing apps. Just an example of how ephemeral that "cool" thing can be, particularly when paired against raw capability. Ultimately, the "coolest" thing is to be able to do more.