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Hi reggie,

Thanks for the reply, none of those things you mentioned (muscular, good looking, money etc.) have anything to do with cool! marketeers wish they had cool as tool but we all know that is not true. take music for example what is cool? is it pop manufactured by record companies or is the kids who start out in garage jamming? Of course, what is considered cool changes frequently but here, today, you go out to a coffee shop or bar where and see the ratio of android to iphones (as well as the PC laptop to Mac book ratio) and Apple will easily outnumber any other device.

Fair enough,you state as an intelligent consumer you chose the device that gives me the most value but the world just not work like that. Do consumer want the fancy sports car or do that want value? lets be honest most people will go for the sports car. But most people can't afford the sports car so they buy the closet thing they can, which is exactly what Android is right now.

Apple happens to fit in with the current Zeitgeist which is for a simple, sleek modest lifestyle, Apple is certainly playing to this in there advertising but in no way did they create this! Another angle on RIM's decline is with an end of the age of extravaganz where wall street, the city, bling etc was cool. in the age of austerity the corporate world and the symbol of that world is not longer in vogue.

cool, the buzz whatever you want to call it is not created by people who seek 'value' it can not be measured in financial analysis (which is why the estimates on apple are always so wrong) or by marketeers, it starts with a small group of people and spreads. people want to be part of it and it spreads and spreads and that is why apple's numbers are and will keep getting better and better (and can also explain Facebook's growth and imho ultimate downfall/saturation point)

Android is for people who seek value, for tinkerers and those who will always repeal what is seen as cool. Turn the heads of the youngsters who are hanging out in bars, creating art, music and films and you will find you're apple beater.

I know this post is about RIM but i'm talking about your ongoing analysis on the smartphone market. happy to discuss this more..