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Reggie, the thing which is missing from this analysis and to be honest all your apple-bashing analysis is the cool factor.

On a Scale of cool - apple>android>blackberry

or in other words cool>nerds> suits

Until apple stops impressing the cool kids Apple will reign supreme, Android will ALWAYS be playing catchup and RIM will continue to lose market share until its only users are in the corporate area. Why is Nokia on a downward spiral? it stopped being cool when apple released the first iphone.

Like you in your analysis Android users go on and on about what the iphone can't do. None of that matters to iphone users, now or for as long as Apple is the coolest brand. Because at the end of day the majority of people want to be with the cool kids.

Regardless of the insider selling, Steve Jobs health Apple will continue as the market leader and for that reason imho a strong Buy because of one word. Cool.