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For those who have been wondering, I have been rehashing previous research since the market had moved so aggressively against what I consider the fundamentals. I have to be sure that I am correct in my stance. The last thing I want to be guilty of is hubristic investing. In addition, many of the companies have increased so much in price that they represent a new opportunity to profit, as long as the investment thesis is still valid, hence the rehash of the previous research.

There is also a new crop of short candidates coming up (the short list is currently being whittled down), and for the firt time on the blog I will be releasing long candidates as well.

Be aware that I am still quite bearish, but I need to implement fundamental long positions (as opposed to simply opposing positiosn against my bearish thesis) to partially hedge the possibility that the markets will truly recove before I anticipate. A true beginning of long short portfolio will be on the blog within 30 days or so. This is an opporunity for those small and medium sized companies that don't get coverage or lack liquidity due to the breakdown in Wall Street to gain some exposure, if they truly (and I really mean "truly") have a positive story to tell. Remember, I am truly independent, thus do not get money from or even anticipate profit from banking services. The only real profit for me is if you company is truly undervalued and will rise in price - both of the aforementioned conditions must apply.

I will also open up analytical capabilities to those who request it on a contract basis if they bring me something that I find interesting.