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I have fulfilled my promise to release the information and data that I sourced from the NY Fed and the FDIC web sites. It is complete, and is left open so you can run your own calculations, studies and assumptions. Feel free to pass it around as well. It is not a small spreadsheet, so you may need to some time to parse through it: Revised SCAP Assumptions Public Open Source Version Morgtage Losses, Defaults & Delinquincies for Banks: Public Open Source Version 2009-05-14 13:30:12 1.16 Mb. Note: at least one material typographical error was found in this spreadsheet, thus I have taken it offline until Monday until I can have it looked into. The effiicacy of the open source model, eh?

The full report, complete with sources and methodology is available here, free of charge. I simply ask that you forward it to your local congressman/woman and/or favorite media personality. The Truth shall set you free (or get you locked up, depending upon which side of the Truth you are on):'s Realistic Recast of SCAP's Realistic Recast of SCAP 2009-05-12 14:52:09

Any bank or government official who significantly disagrees with the conclusion enclosed herein is welcome to debate them, the only request is that you come with hard data to back up your claims in lieu of argument regarding methodology, which can simply go on all day. In other words, I showed you mine, now show me yours...

In my, oh so humble opinion, any investor who purchased securities based upon the results of the bank stress tests was literally robbed, and defrauded. Then again, that is just my oh so humble opinion!