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I have produced a downloadable PDF which clearly shows exactly how far off the banks and SCAP bank stress tests are from the delinquency and foreclosure information that the Federal government distributes itself. This document is in response to the Government's release of the official bank stress test results, which I honestly feel is a slap in the face to anybody with two brain cells to rub together. Please reference page 7 of the document hyperlinked above, as well as the individual bank's "adverse scenario" projections for various loan categories (towards the end of the document) over the next two years and compare them to the loan loss snap shots that I have gathered below from last December and March, directly from the Federal Reserve's public web site. There is no need to wait two years when the worst case scenario is here and now.

This is the government's summary findings of the potential "WORST CASE" losses over the next two years for all 19 of the bank holding companies that were subject to the government's stress test.



Here are some highlights of interest from my report to compare and contrast:

 Alt-A loans

Subprime Loans

The full report, complete with sources and methodology is available here, free of charge. I simply ask that you forward it to your local congressman/woman and/or favorite media personality. The Truth shall set you free (or get you locked up, depending upon which side of the Truth you are on): pdf's Realistic Recast of SCAP 2009-05-12 14:52:09

For those of you in the media who may not be familiar with my previous work, I have a strong track record in calling this credit crisis:

  1. The Commercial Real Estate Implosion: I called it in 2007 - "GGP has finally filed Bankruptcy, Proving My Analysis to be On Point Over the Course of 18 Months".
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  3. The Mortgage Banking Implosion: I called it in 2004, publicly on the blog in 2007 - Countrywide and Washington Mutual (Yeah, Countrywide is pretty bad, but it ain’t the only one at the subprime party… Comparing Countrywide with its peer)
  4. The Regional Bank Implosion: Spring of 2008 - nearly all of the failed or failing regional banks of significant size (As I see it, these 32 banks and thrifts are in deep doo-doo!)
  5. The Monoline Implosion: 2007-2008 - MBIA (A Super Scary Halloween Tale of 104 Basis Points Pt I & II, by Reggie Middleton) and Ambac (Ambac is Effectively Insolvent & Will See More than $8 Billion of Losses with Just a $2.26 Billion Market Cap and Follow up to the Ambac Analysis), among others including the residential homebuilders and their abuse of off balance sheet JVs - well in advance. 
I suggest everybody read up on how we got here. I started taking defensive action in 2004, and implemented my offensive actions 2007 - right around the time this blog was started. Read my blog by blow analysis below...  

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