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As I stated in on of my recent comments Sunday evening, the expected rally has arrived and has arrived in force. Also as expected, the rally has faded and apparently reality is setting in for these bear market rallies much more rapidly than last year - where they lasted for weeks or even months.

US futures are down already and world indices are mixed and down. As stated in earlier comment exchanges and in posts, I am not an active trader, and I would well over a hundred positions to attempt to unwind in order to try to avoid the recent runup. Instead, I regularly take profits on front month contracts and rollover deep in the money positions or positions that I feel have not fully played out their hand. I lost a few percentage points of unrealized profit this week, but am well positioned to gain significantly should the markets make another downturn. I was able to buy puts very inexpensively and at relatively high basis.

We shall see how I do. This is the difference between the static blog model results and that of my Proprietary Account, active management, not necessarily active or excessive trading.