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BoomBustBlogger Squashnut has graciously donated a box seat and associate sponsorship to the World Squash Tournament of Champions at Grand Central Station in  NYC for yours truly to show his appreciation for the work performed on the blog. I definitely do appreciate it, and thank you. We had a good time with some good food, talking to some interesting people. For those not familiar with the event, the grand finale is tomorrow night, Thursday at about 6 pm. There's a lot of financial folk mulling around. Take a look-see at who's sponsoring the event...


I was wondering if anybody read my opinon piece on them... Re: JP Morgan, when I say insolvent, I really mean insolvent.
"Celebrating the World's Best Squash in Grand Central Terminal"





Check out the ad that Sqashnut ran. Flattering, indeed.


He is one of many BoomBustBloggers who have a very inspiring story to tell about how real research and a real straightforward investment personality made a significant difference in his standard of living.