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I received the following question from a reader and thought that I would anonomously share it with the blog: 


I have been reading your blog for many months now and am very impressed with your analysis and commentary.

I am thinking about subscribing to gain access to the actionable information.

What I need to know is how much detail is provided about how to actually take action on the data provided.

Will taking advantage of the information require that I  be well versed in puts, calls and margin trading?

Blog reader and prospective paid subscriber.


My response:

Thanks for the complimentary words. What is well versed for one investor may be elementary for another - it is a rather subjective question. As stated in the last actionable post regarding JPM, all you really need is to take small incremental positions in the subject company and hold on until the valuation band is reached or until the investment thesis behind the position is proved wrong - whichever comes first. You will not always make money, but the key is to make money more often than you lose money.

I have
created a book club (which I never finished populating, but will get to this year) which has books that detail all of the skills you need to take advantage of the research. The key is to read, discern, absorb, and learn. There is no shortcut, and you must be able to sort through the trash, but once you find a valuable nugget of info, you must be able to quickly internalize it and put it to use.

Keep in mind that this blog is now a full fledged community, and any subscriber can and should feel free to ask any relevant question through the comments section and/or the discussion boards. Remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question, only the only dumb action is not to ask the question when you know you are in doubt or don't know.

Sorry I couldn't give you a straight forward answer, but I would rather try and give you the truth than attempt to sell you a subscription. Cheers, and good luck.