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  This is a pick taken at the BuddhaKhan last night. I'm that dashingly handsome brother standing up in the black dinner jacket and cheese grin. The food is decent at BuddaKahn, although I don't think a plate of duck is worth 45 dollars plus tax and a 20% tip. There I go again, valuing the meal...

Feel free to click the pic to get a better view. We had a lot of technical and match guys (and girls) there last night. PhD in mechanical engineering, MS in electrical engineering and almost MS in financial engineering (that's my wife, the pretty woman with the matching cheese grin and matching black jacket), computer tech entrepenuer and another as a director of tech at the UN. We also had the usual smattering of hedge fund guys, brokerage, and privte equity.

  Feel free to click the picture to get a larger, clearer version.


I'm going to try and get a quick opinion of HIG up some time before Monday morning. Stay tuned...

There will also be another scheduled event, with a longer lead time, to allow more people access from out of town. These events are small and intimate, thus allowing for everybody to talk to each other, and everybody gets to pick my brain as well.

I brought a lot of reseach this time around. What was not in the pic was nearly a ream of paper dedicated to the GGP tome, the Goldman as a commercial bank analysis, Macerich, several industrials, etc. (plus sneak peeks at what was coming up over the next few weeks). Altogether, about 700 pages of research was available.

 For those that haven't noticed, I've started dumping additional resources into the blog to address the issues of navigation, usability and aesthetics. There are now professional designers and programmers on the case. You now no longer have to put up with my amateurish color matching :-)