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This is a timely Actionable Intelligence Note on a food processor research subject that I am accumulating a position in. The last food processor position did very well, although I have closed that position in my proprietary account already. I am now offering that report to the public domain. See icon SFD_Pro Report_Final_240908 (286.98 kB 2008-10-07 01:39:23).This is also another opportunity for retail subscribers to see what you are missing out on in the Pro reports.



This newer timely item has a subject that is trading at both a much higher nominal price and valuation.

 This is what the subject company looks like as of today. There is some downside left, particularly if we get one of those sucker rallies driven by technical chartists, "this market is so oversold" crowd. Patience is the key, keep that in mind and remember you have to have trust and confidence in your research. I certainly have it in mine. I am now approaching the mid-600 percent range in overall aggregate return with a very large (just over 40%) cash horde. This will be necessary as I press harder into the emerging markets.


Paying subscribers, both retail and professional, can download the actionable item here: icon Food Processor Actionable Item - 11-19-08 (293.59 kB 2008-11-20 17:09:21)