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The hard core fundamental anlalysis of this blog has been paying off in spades for many subscribers - creating real wealth, preseving significant wealth, and actually creating bonuses for Wall Streeters in a time fluttering pink slips. I simply implore that all who have benefitted from the research make the effort to give back to those who are in need and are less fortunate.

Now that I have my PSA (public service announcement) out of the way, we can move on. Several banks have contacted me over the course of the past year concerning my GGP research. Some of them offered many multiples of the highest level of paid subscription to gain custom access to the content on the blog (at that time I did not sell access). Let me be blunt, this preview of the report to come next week is easily worth several thousand dollars by itself. I used the same methodolgy that I used in finding GGP and analyzing it. Last week I gave a sample comparison of REITS(icon REIT comparison update - Retail (818 kB 2008-11-07 12:27:49)), and this actionable alert is an early preview of the full forensic analysis to come next week for professional subscribers. Frankly, this company is in trouble, despite the proclamations of management, and can easily see the same fate as GGP.

 Retail users can see the summary preview, while professional users can access the raw model output sample which puts a value on each and every individual property and shows the rental values in the proximal area of each property as well as rental, capex and expense trends. Data was culled from databases and through interviews with prominent national and regional brokers familiar with the properties in question.

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icon REIT Actionable Intelligence Note 11-14-08 Retail (264.45 kB 2008-11-14 12:46:32) 7 pages

icon REIT Actionable Intelligence Note 11-14-08 Pro (1.22 MB 2008-11-14 12:47:43) 54 pages