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Las Vegas Review Journal :

General Growth borrowed to create a massive portfolio of more than 200 properties in 44 states, including a $14 billion deal in 2004 to purchase the Rouse Co., which owned Fashion Show mall, Summerlin Centre and several other Las Vegas properties.

Company stock started slipping several months ago as prospects for consumer spending waned.

Shares went into freefall more recently when investors realized the confluence of the credit crunch with an emerging recession would make it difficult, if not impossible, for General Growth to make good on its debts.

Financial blogger Reggie Middleton, whose detailed criticisms of General Growth were posted online at in January, months before management acknowledged serious problems, said the news Monday wasn't a surprise.

"Of course it could have," been prevented, said Middleton. "They didn't take care of the problems."

He criticized management not only for over-leveraging the company long ago but for compounding the problem through mismanagement.

Middleton said General Growth officials heaped blame on short sellers for forecasting a demise, got the company added to the list of firms protected from short sellers that was created in September to protect banks, then dumped millions of their own shares to meet margin calls.

"The latter part of the share price compression was the management's own making," Middleton said. "They owned a lot (of stock) on margin. They sold more shares than speculators like me ever would."...

... Wally Brewster, General Growth Properties senior vice president of marketing and communications, said the malls are healthy on an operational level...

... As for the notion that General Growth officials would seek a buyer for the entire company, "We always look at all the options."

Brewster also responded to the idea that company officials could have averted the problem by taking action earlier.

"I think we stand on our success of the past 50 years," Brewster said. "We are now dealing with an environment I don't think the U.S. has seen since the Great Depression."...

...  Moore agreed with Middleton that the moves on Monday aren't likely to preserve General Growth as a complete entity. He added that current problems could have been averted had management girded the balance sheet before the credit markets went south.

The moral of the story?

"Leverage is very, very dangerous," Moore said.

In November and December of 2007, I plainly forecasted this turn of events in painfully explicit detail Don't tell me this could not have been seen coming. Greed and avarice vs. ignorance - the battle of the vices...


The following links and accompanying summaries were penned up to a year ago. No, I didn't use a crystal ball, I used a spreadsheet and some (un)common sense.


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  Short summary of the 3 elements of this report

1.       There is very clear evidence that GGP is heading into a refinancing-induced liquidity crunch.

2.       One-time items are holding up deteriorating core operational performance.

3.       There is evidence that GGP is misrepresenting itself and breaking securities laws.

Many themes currently broadcast in the news directly apply to GGP – its situation is one of high leverage in the face of a weakening consumer and an evaporating debt market.  It’s a family-run business that tripled its size through a major acquisition when the debt markets were healthy, and is now left scrambling.  There appears to be dissension between the founding father and his now-CEO son over some of the tactics that they have resorted to recently, which appear to be questionable.  If the core operations continue to deteriorate in the continued absence of a functional debt market, the 2nd largest mall REIT in the US will simply run out of cash and no amount of accounting or financial gimmickry will be able to hide that fact.

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