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Here is a statistical update of selected members of the Doo Doo 32 list for paying subscribers. This is mostly raw data, but cursory valuations with today's pricing is included. For those who are not familiar with the Doo Doo, peruse the following links:

  1. An overview of my personal Regional Bank short prospects Part I: PNC Bank - risky loans skating on razor thin capital, PNC addendum Posts One and Two
  2. Reggie Middleton says don't believe Paulson: S&L crisis 2.0, bank failure redux
  3. More on the banking backdrop, we've never had so many loans!
  4. As I see it, these 32 banks and thrifts are in deep doo-doo!
  5. A little more on HELOCs, 2nd lien loans and rose colored glasses
  6. Capital, Leverage and Loss in the Banking System
  7. Doo-Doo bank drill down, part 1 - Wells Fargo
  8. Doo-Doo Bank 32 drill down: Part 2 - Popular
  9. Doo-Doo Bank 32 drill down: Part 3 - SunTrust Bank
  10. The Anatomy of a Sick Bank!
  11. Doo Doo Bank 32 Drill Down 1.5: Wells Fargo Bank
  12. GE: The Uber Bank???
  13. Sun Trust Forensic Analysis


 Subscribers can download the statistical update here:icon Doo doo list update (453.12 kB 2008-10-13 12:22:08). If you do not have paid access, this link will not work (subscribe here). I will have an update on Goldman Sachs as a bank holding company taking the federal assistance in a day or two. Depending on the amount of additional work that goes into it, it may be released at the professional level. Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9 or better is needed to access this document.

 Enjoy, and be careful - it's rough out there!