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WaMu is having a bad day (see news on WaMu). I rang the alarms on WaMu twice -most recently in early October - Washington Mutuals Mortgage Division Posts 5th Straight Quarterly Loss and initially in early September - Yeah, Countrywide is pretty bad, but it ain't the only one at the subprime party... Comparing Countrywide to its peers. You see, you don't even have to be a client to like me:-) This upcoming quarter marks the 6th consecutive quarterly loss for their mortgage division. They saw this coming more than a year and a half ago, and so did I. Unfortunately, I covered that short on WaMu a few weeks ago to raise cash, but luckily reinstated it just in time to catch the big drop. I need to write a piece on handling extreme market volatility and holding on to positions. Many of the stocks that I am bearish on have become volatile momentum plays and have detached significantly from their fundamentals. This makes them more than twice as risky, and quite expensive to hold on to - but also offers significant profit opportunity when traders push a proximal bankruptcy candidate up to $30 per share on the call of someone like Stephen Kim from Citibank. I digress (especially since WaMu hasn't been that volatile), and back to the point - I believe that WaMu, like Countrywide, are not the only banks at the subprime underwriting party (the problem is not subprime loans, but subprime underwriting - which spreads the effects throughout the lending industry that includes consumer, corporate, retail and wholesale - and fails to confine it to any one sector of low FICO mortgages), but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

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Ramble off, 'nuff said!