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Quite a few readers have emailed me with similar stories. I thought I would post this one, with permission, of course.

I know that I've said thanks. I'll say it more before its over, no doubt.

Since Jan 16, 2008....we have doubled my initial investment while keeping over 50% in cash. Thats short term - pay taxes on it and I'm sittin on half that much paper gain.

I don't know much but I can read. That was achived usin what I've come to call 'sell and wait'.

About 3 months in I noticed I was 'early' often. I took a nore relaxed approach and things got easier.

I 'missed' bear btw so this wasn't a 1 shot deal.

I've learned and hopefully will be more adept as time goes on.

My major drawback is I take too many naps. :-)