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This was just after 5 and a half months on the new blog. I just would like to thank my readers for you support. I am working on ventures that will spread the reach of the blog even farther, hopefully rivalling the traffic of

Could you imagine no-nonsense, non-corporate pandering, hard hitting research hitting 120,000 people a day - for free. It may just change the way Wall Street operates!

To help do your part:

  1.  Use the "Invite Others" tool, which allows you to invite  people to the blog directly from your address books.
  2. Create your own web site within the BoomBustBlog and use it to share ideas and files with others.
  3. Use the social bookmarking links (Digg This, Reddit, etc.) and "email this" links at the end of each article to let others know the site has interesting content.
  4. Join, participate in, and create investment and finance groups .
  5. Create social "connections" with others through their profiles. It's easy and allows you to share ideas efficiently.
  6. Participate in the comments sections and the discussion forums.
  7. Take the site survery .
  8. Generally, just tell your friends, family and co-workers.

If the site generates enough traffic to support itself, I will be able to put a full time analyst on it which would significantly increase the level of content that I produce through the blog.

Thanks again for your support.

Reggie Middleton