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New developments: I have run into significant limitations with the hosted site, thus I am developing a new super site dedicated to my Boom & Bust investment research and macro commentary. It should be online within a week or two and is guaranteed to feature more capability, web technology and in depth forensic analysis than anything that I have seen on the web.

I have decided to keep all of my preliminary research suitable for individual investors available for free on this blog as a response to the feedback I have received from my readers - many of who are astute individual investors. The free research will be open for donations in order to help keep it flowing. I also have a large contingent of institutional followers and high net worth investors who have requested more formal and timely research, on a subscription basis as well as more in depth interaction and analytical support. Please click here for more information on how I plan to go about serving the two disparate constituencies, how to access institutional research and a run down to compare the performance of my opinions to that of the sell side brokerages, big banks, popular newsletters and rating agencies.