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In case subscribers haven't noticed, I have decided to decrease the frequency of analysis in order to increase the depth of the subjects analyzed. Due to the market's detachment from the fundamentals (a phenomenon that looks like it has just about run its course, btw), fundamental practitioners must tread very, very carefully. On that note, I am releasing the 2nd REIT analysis, which I feel makes for an  outstanding short opportunity, particularly in comparison to the previous analysis whose subject has no immediate and/or pressing concerns. This is the most comprehensive work performed in the real estate space since the GGP project, and has the potential to be just as successful as well. The professional version of the document is nearly 30 pages long, and although it is dense reading, I strongly recommend subscribers read through every page very carefully. The retail version is twice its normal length as well.

There will be a substantial amount of follow up analysis and opinion coming. Basically, I am at loggerheads with Goldman Sachs who has out a buy call on the banking and CRE space, wherein my readers know that I am very bearish on this space for fundamental reasons for 2010. I will present evidence to support my case both privately through the subscription services and public through the blog by pulling up instances in the past when GS turned bullish on real estate and what happened to those clients a year or two afterwards.


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