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If the shipping and cargo business is a leading indicator, then we are not at the nadir of the downturn, by far... Note to readers: I haven't checked shipping rates recently nor verified the date of this video. It was forwarded to me, and the post date of the video was September of 09. We did predict the collapse shipping last year due to an imbalance of supply and demand, but I haven't revisited this sector recently. Being that exports from the leading export nations have stagnated significantly, I don't see a hardening of rates, but I do want to be clear that this has not been verified as being recent.

This glut was forecasted by your's truly, and it is apparent that the market is definitely in bubble mode since the share prices of those companies affected are literally levitating. Imagine if your pricing softened to the tune of 90% and your share price went up. What would you do? Sell! Sell! Sell! There is no surprise that insider sells outweight buys by over 10 to 1 these days.

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