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I am in the process of analyzing the next set of short-biased candidates after whittling down a list of nearly 1,000 prospects at a point where I feel the US and global equity markets are extremely richly valued. The shortlist of the companies that are currently being analyzed forensically by my staff may be bankruptcy candidates, and at least one of them is currently insolvent, although it is not trading as such and at least some of the sell side analyst community seems to expect a partial turnaround. The majority of the list has liquid stocks and stock options trading beneath them and are very well known names in their respective industries. Below is the company whose report should be reeleased in roughly 7 business days, as we delve further into the analysis.

Short research preview 7-09 single Short research preview 7-09 single 2009-07-13 00:52:58 862.49 Kb