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The Transformation of Television in America and Worldwide

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This is a piece from a regular reader:

In The Twilight Zone

I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.  I'm not sure what makes me feel this way more.

  • The speediness of the FBI to Goldman's beck and call (source
  • Or Goldman paying itself record bonuses... *now* (source)
  • Or the fact that a former assistant Treasury Secretary is saying the current Treasury Secretary works for Goldman Sachs (source)

    [Or this] 

    Real Capitalism versus Byproducts of Oligopolistic Rentier Economy. I've got nothing against people paying themselves well when they legitimately earn it.  It is quite another story when the playing field is entirely tilted towards the rentier class, in this casino capitalistic toll booth economy we have evolved into, where financial services as a whole levies an unduly large tax on the real economy disproportionate to the value it is creating, primarily via interest on an unsustainably large pile of debt (source).  Perhaps the biggest bucket shop casino the world has ever seen is the global derivatives market, which according to the BIS's Q4 2008 report has $959 trillion notional outstanding (BIS).
    Dotting the i's and crossing the t's, we can see that the average person is paying 54% of total income out in the form of taxes alone (NAF), which would have our Founding Fathers rolling in their graves.  And that is holding aside our devolution from a set of autonomous commonwealths into an economy highly dependent on big government.  We have the highest number of people in prison per 100k than anyone in the world (UN).  We have 5% of the world's population but 25% of the world's prisoners (HO).
    Our society is at its best when there is competition, while we have legislated away our checks and balances and financial services anti-trust laws.  How is it again that 4 banks hold 94% of all bank derivative assets (OCC)?  This confluence of factors has led to an "I pat your back, you pat mine" style of crony capitalism which Former IMF Chief Economic Simon Johnson called "The Quiet Coup" (TA 5/09).  It is no wonder that the only precedent for our present level of income inequality are the 1920's (source).

    How We Got Here The banking system didn't always used to be this way.

  • In the "roaring 20's" we had a universal banking model with banks more focused on deal making and advisory.  We had high banking concentration. This created obvious conflicts of interest. 
  • After the crash we separated commercial banking from investment banking.  *We broke JPM into 3 pieces*, and the financial system as a whole disaggregated.  
  • In the 1980's we began the path towards the repeal of Glass Steagall by allowing commercial banks to get 25% of their revenues from investment banking.
  • Banking concentration is now as bad or worse than the 20's (source), but even worse than before, (1) investment banking's focus has shifted to *proprietary trading* *gambling* with their capital base, and (2) they have used way, way more debt than ever before (source).  

So those who say this is as unsound as we were before the Great Depression are wrong - it is worse.  I am still scratching my head as to why the formerly utility-like institutions that collect deposits and extend loans are now gambling - aggressively - with our backstop.  

The Response Has Been to Make the Oligopoly Even More Monopolistic What has our response been?  

  • We have made investment banks into commercial banks, putting them under the safety net of the FDIC with our money. 
  • We have removed pricing transparency from bank balance sheets.
  • We have put a bullet in the head of 2 major competitors in what was already an oligopolistic environment, Lehman and Bear.  
  • We have further consolidated the industry by having the big merge and acquire the big - BofA with Merrill and Countrywide, PNC with National City, Wells with Wachovia, JPM with WaMu.
  • We have committed literally $10.5 trillion to save the banking sector (CNN).  This is almost exactly the same as the after tax income of our entire country in 2008 of $10.6T, adding back all income supplements and rents (BEA)!  The Fed, one of the biggest providers of these commitments, will not tell us what they own or how much they paid (I wonder why).
  • Goldman now receives additional income to do program trading as an "SLP" (is it the only SLP?), and recently was almost 60% of all program trading (source) in the entirety of the NYSE, overwhelmingly (90%+ recently) for themselves through "principal volume" (source).

The already oligopolistic financial services industry just got more so.  Big time.  At our expense.

Our Economic Backdrop Is As Weak As Can Be I am not making this up.

  • After Q2 2009, our GDP decline will be worse than anything since the mid 40's (CR).  
  • Unemployment properly measured (sourcesource) is well worse than at least the last big recession in the 80's right now.  The BLS changed the definition of "unemployment" in 1994, and ever so mysteriously, the BLS's "Median Weeks" began diverging from the official U-3 unemployment figure.  
  • Youth unemployment is at a record low (source). 
  • 11.1% of every single man, woman and child in this country is now on food stamps (source), a record high in the history of our country.  And there was basically zero recovery by this metric after the last downturn.
  • Loan delinquencies and charge offs of all stripes are setting all sorts of new records (sourcesourcesource). 
  • Consumer credit has only just started to come down (FRB), but it is exerting an asymmetric effect on spending which has caused our record high debt to GDP (source) to go into "phase transition" ascending mode (source).

And with this as the economic backdrop, Goldman Sachs, a bank, is doling out bigger bonuses than ever in their history, due to "trading profits".

This Is Untenable We will not have a durable recovery until balance is restored to our economic and political system on many levels.  Instead, we have retrogressed.  I am sure many of these people mean well, but the direction we are going in simply is not going to work. We need to reorient ourselves more towards the real economy.  If we don't, I would truly be concerned that we will have an eventual loss of confidence in the dollar, riots, and possible war over the next 20 years.
These are huge issues.  As a first step though, I think the only way we will make progress is by acknowledging the issues and talking them over.  How about it?