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A lot has been blogged about the Fed, Bofa and Paulson. It is really this simple. The evidence is clear that Lewis is guilty of failing to share his concerns of Merrill's viability with his shareholders. He needs to go and be brought up on charges - period!

It is clear that although the Fed, and Bernanke as chief, may not have committed an illegal act (although they very well may have), even the insinuation of removing a private companies board and management is improper. He needs to go - period!

Paulson straight up admitted that he threatened Lewis on behalf of Bernanke. I don't see the ambiguity here. Ex-Goldman Sachs CEO or not, he needs to be brought up on charges - period!

As a matter of fact, I would bar industry executives from having the position of Secretary of Treasury in the future. The potential for (Goldman Sachs) conflicts simply loom too large.